BUiLd 305

BUiLD 305 is the Southeast Laborers' District Council initiative around the Port of Miami Tunnel Project, in conjunction with Construction and Craft Trades Local 1652 and Bouygues Civil Works Florida, as well as the government and community of Miami-Dade County.

When the people of Miami-Dade County and their elected officials decided to approve the construction of the Port of Miami Tunnel, one of the largest municipal construction projects in the United States, they placed a priority on putting members of their own communities to work. The task of identifying the most qualified local workers as well as finding and training those without prior construction experience was difficult, but we were up to the task.

With an online portal and a web-based application system, we have helped the Port of Miami Tunnel Project achieve a stunning 80% hire rate from within Miami-Dade County. Not only are experienced but unemployed workers getting put back on the job, but workers without prior experience are being trained and joining the construction workforce.