Health & Safety

At LIUNA, we believe that the men and women who build America not only deserve good-paying jobs, but deserve to live without fear of financial hardship from high medical costs. For that reason, we offer health plans in every state that allow workers and their families to be covered in the event of illness or injury.

Not only are workers on the job provided with health benefits, but unemployed members can build up reserves in the health funds that cover them for up to two months during slow periods of the construction cycle. That way, members can ride out slow periods without having to worry about how they will provide for their families in the event of a medical emergency.

LIUNA and its signatory contractors have also partnered to create the Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America, dedicated to educating members and improving on-the-job safety awareness. This not only reduces lost-time costs for employers, but also makes for a safer, healthier construction workforce.