Training & Apprenticeship

At LIUNA, we believe that one of the keys to a good career in construction is training. As a result, we have built one of the most advanced union training programs in the nation, the Laborers' Training and Education Fund.

This program allows our members to improve themselves through education in a wide range of construction techniques and best practices, resulting in workers who earn more money for their families, do higher-quality work for their employers, and provide a safer work environment for themselves and their brothers and sisters.

In the Southeast Laborers' District Council, there are two branches of the Training Fund operating, the Laborers' Southeast Training Fund in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, and the South Central Laborers' Training Fund in Louisiana and Mississippi.

At our training centers spread across the region, members can get education on a wide array of topics, from basic health and safety classes to advanced courses for nuclear plant work, hazardous waste abatement, and a broad range of general construction techniques.