Southeast Laborers' District Council

About Us

The Southeast Laborers’ District Council (SELDC) is a division of the Laborers’ International Union of North America representing the hard-working men and women of LIUNA in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Our well-trained and diverse workforce is committed to building the infrastructure and energy future of the Southeastern United States, safely with dignity.

From our roads and bridges to our waterways and tunnels, we are dedicated to building and maintaining our infrastructure. We also serve the public in municipal and state governments, as well as in our universities.

Our local unions connect our members with work and training- and in turn, workers receive better pay and benefits paired with opportunities for advancement. We are united by a mission to win family-supporting pay and better lives for our thousands of members while building up their communities.

The Southeast Laborers are committed to building a foundation for new energy development projects such as natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind. We also fight for safer working conditions for all construction and service workers through our state and local campaigns.

LIUNA workers bring critical skill sets to job sites that are unmatched by competitors in the industry. When employers choose to work with us; they are prioritizing safety, training, and experience.

Our dynamic workforce remains committed to providing the American people with a better future for ALL.